US Stock Market day trading in a team

Come join us! Daily portion of selective stock tickers.
We share trading ideas minutes before they start show dynamic.
We explain reasons behind trading recommendations and offer NYSE and NASDAQ analysis.
We share our knowledge and experience in understanding the stock market charts and offer prop trading placement thought our company`s assets!

Traders Chat 1.0

Trading tips

Research ( 08:00 – 09:30 NY)
Tickers for the upcoming trading session.

Trading. Entry points. (09:30 – 16:00  NY)
Trading signals and tips for selected tickers.

Traders Chat 2.0

Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Defining reasons for selecting certain tickers as a part of homework
  • Selected tickers case study
  • Explaining trading tips
  • Stock exchange stories analysis and interesting market situations
  • Q&A

Prop trading

 Welcome traders

Trade together with team 1.0

Together we keep track of selected tickers.
We share trading ideas
We minimize probability of missing useful entry points
and maximize chances of success!

Trading Chat 1.0  will get you ready for the stock market!
Here is a daily portion of what you get through our chat:

  • Comprehensible and promising ticker dynamics explained in detail. You will understand how to make the right move
  • Day trading signals and tips with generally positive results!

Traders Chat 1.0 offers you legitimate PRO team advice during a trading session. Oftentimes it helps to avoid mistakes.

Analyze and increase your understanding of market processes  with team 2.0

PRO team explains the reasons behind trading tips.
Dwells upon interesting trading cases.
Shares knowledge and experience and answers your questions.

Training chat 2.0 helps beginners to learn and experienced traders get to share their knowledge in the following regards:

  • Finding predictable stocks for future trading sessions
  • Figuring out traces of some of the major players
  • Determining positive moments to operate
  • Identifying the stop order point and when to exit a trade

Chat members get access to training resources and private webinars!

Improve yourself!


First step towards positive results is knowledge!

   Want to understand market dynamics better? Looking forward to improving your skills in trading, finding entry points and figuring out ins and outs? Get assistance!
Contact the PRO-team chat (Help ->Trading question to PRO team) and ask questions. Apply print screens of your trades and find out missteps in your strategy. The team will try it`s best to assist you.

Step two – get over yourself and be invincible!

    Trading is a psychological activity. 90% of the time you`re supposed to track down, determine andget rid of the reasons behind your internal conflicts occurring within your mind. So it`s not all about finding ways to calculate the next move.
Most of the time, it`s not how you trade but rather how you feel about what you do. Not many people are truly capable of reflecting on their own actions in order to figure out the errors they make.
Understanding market isn`t difficult, it is much more difficult to understand yourself, acknowledge your weaknesses and to fight them back!
That`s what it takes to become a true trader. Things that seem simple at a first glanceare usually the biggest obstacles in the way to profitable and stable trading. The key to successful trading is hidden within you! Do your best to get over yourself and you`ll become invincible!

Join the PRO team!

Each PRO team member get free chat access!

Financial analyst

  • Generates trading ideas in traders chat 1.0 with a positive result more often than 70% of the time
  • Shares knowledge and experience with others in traders chat 2.0

Prop trader

Those chat members who get 70% Challenge rating are welcome to do the prop trading through our company’s assets!