Broker to trade on the NYSE,NASDAQ

Link to the broker’s website:
Please specify all questions regarding the opening of a trading account in their company in their telegram @gerchikstocks
When contacting them, you can say that Vitaly Radchenko sent you to them.
They will tell you all the information in detail.
Attention!!! If the site it doesn’t open, so you need to log in via VPN.

• Direct access to all stocks and ETFs of the US stock market
• Full payment of dividends*
• Free quotes
• Minimum brokerage commission of $3 ($0.003 per share)
• Savings on brokerage commission when trading large orders
• There are fractional lots
• Payout 95%
• The ability to make an unlimited number of transactions during one trading day
• Increased leverage of 1:30 for intraday trading
• Overnight leverage of 1:2 (In some cases, by agreement, leverage of 1:4 can be provided.)
• * ZeroPro trading platform