If you are looking for a good broker to trade on the NYSE,NASDAQ 
can consider

Gerchik A.M. has good conditions, service and reputation.
Please specify all questions regarding the opening of a trading account in their company in their telegram @gerchikstocks
When contacting them, you can say that Vitaly Radchenko sent you to them.
They will tell you all the information in detail.
Attention!!! If the site https://gerchikco.market it doesn’t open, so you need to log in via VPN.

The main advantages of the broker https://gerchikco.market (https://gerchik-stocks.com/)
• Direct access to all stocks and ETFs of the US stock market
• Full payment of dividends*
• Free quotes
• Minimum brokerage commission of $3 ($0.003 per share)
• Savings on brokerage commission when trading large orders
• There are fractional lots
• Payout 95%
• The ability to make an unlimited number of transactions during one trading day
• Increased leverage of 1:30 for intraday trading
• Overnight leverage of 1:2 (In some cases, by agreement, leverage of 1:4 can be provided.)
• * ZeroPro trading platform