Proof of Address 
Verification document with the provision of address confirmation

Dear customers!
As you already know, Nasdaq canceled the subscription to exchange data for clients residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, and a number of other countries.
Due to the actions taken by suppliers and clearing partners, as well as in connection with the instructions of OFAC, many brokers, unfortunately, can no longer serve traders residing in these countries and require verification with the provision of Proof of Address.

If you are faced with this problem and would like to resume trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, but you cannot provide the broker with a document confirming your residence in another country to unfreeze your trading account – contact us, we will help!
When ordering the “Proof of Address” service from us You will receive a document in your name confirming your residence in another country.

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If you buy a new or renew your current Thinkorswim subscription together with this service, then you get a discount on the “Proof of Address” service:
– when renting Thinkorswim for 1 year – 30% discount for the “Proof of Address” service (total of only $ 35)
– if you apply for a VIP tariff for Thinkorswim – 50% discount for the “Proof of Address” service (total of only $ 25)

Price for the “Proof of Address” service: $ 50
Terms: 2-3 days.