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 ThinkOrSwim Live Realtime is the best platform for analyzing NYSE and NASDAQ stock markets, futures contracts and options CME, ETFs, FOREX.

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Thinkorswim RealTime Rates

Simple tariff


1 month - $15

6 month - $80 $60

12 month -  $144 $90

Proxy and our technical support

are included in the price



for whole rent period



$240 $150 (one-time payment)


$5 /month. (after two years)

Proxy and our technical support

are included in the price




The advantage of the VIP tariff is not only in the favorable price for long-term use, but also in the fact that it is fixed for you forever. That is, if you do not renew your subscription once, and decide to take a break, and then return, then you will not have to pay the full cost of the tariff as with the first-time registration. You just pay only $ 5/month and continue to use the platform.

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Attention!!! In case of force majeure, namely, if TDAmeritrade and Thinkorswim company closes, goes bankrupt, stops accepting new customers, massively blocks / disables access to accounts, enables subscription fees for Realtime quotes, or changes its policy in such a way that we will not be able to open new accounts in any further way, then all guarantees and obligations will be removed from us and no refund will be made! By making a new subscription or renewing the current subscription, you agree to the above, as well as accept our public offer agreement and waive any claims against our company in the event of force majeure.

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We work fast. Get access to thinkorswim the same day you apply!

Get detailed adjustment instructions and in case you experience any trouble, we offer rapid assistance through TeamViewer!

In case you get banned (which happens rarely) you get a new account the same day!

If you`re not satisfied with the service provided, you can get your money back in 48 hours after the payment.

Why do you need thinkorswim?

Every trader uses multiple tools to workon a financial market. Typically there are at list two software options. First of all, there`sa trading platform through which trader operates. This could be Sterling or ROX solutions for example. Second of all, there must be a platform for graphical analysis and stock search. For this matter, many traders use TD Ameritrade option Thinkorswim. Commonly known as TOS. With thinkorswim you get a realtime data feed, which are real-time NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and FOREX stock quotes. You also get to use other stock tools in real time. Things likeCME futures, option, ETFs and so on and so forth.

Apparently, TOS is the most popular analysis platform for traders. Thinkorswim has a lot of features for graphical analysis of quotes on many financial markets. It is true that there are certain difficulties with registering on your own but with thinkorswim rent you can get an account for as long as you want. Moreover, this way you don`t have to spend $100 every month for a graphical analysis platform, because thinkorswim live costs a lot less. Also, if you buy a three-month subscription, you`ll reduce the price to $8. Keeping in mind thinkorswim realtime vast proficiency, you are sure to make the right choice! Thinkorswim is a very capable platform for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, FOREX, CME futures and other graphical analysis. Because of it`s functionality, thinkorswim is a must-have for any modern trader. It`s not a surprise it has become so popular among traders.



Thinkorswim operates in two modes: Paper Money and Live Trading.
Paper Money is a demo with delayed data (20 min) and limited filters preferences.
Live Trading works in realtime. Plus you get to use scanners, filters and other features.


Thinkorswim benefits

Here are some obvious thinkorswim benefits compared to other analytical platforms:

  • News feed (news about any company)
  • News and events calendar as well as stock news filter
  • Stock listings with fully adjustable filters and scanners that search trading tools according to your criteria
  • Ability to build and analyze combinations ofoptions
  • Everything you need for pairs trade
  • Many in-built indicators and filters, which will search for whatever shares you need and give you signals on the spot. Thinkorswim has a powerful in-built stock scanner that has a lot of fundamental and technical filters. You also get to write your own scripts to search for tickers for certain strategies
  • Apart from realtime without delay, Thinkorswim Live has OnDemand feature. Thinkorswim OnDemand is a powerful trader`s tool that allows you study the market and all the history data, test your strategies and learn how to trade. OnDemand feature allows you to go back to any day in realtime and see all the actions you did throughout the day. It is a great tool to sharpen your trading skills and acquire new strategies for specific market situations. Constant OnDemand trading will help you determine the things you should pay close attention to. It will help you find a way to figure out proper situations and to be in the right place on the right time.


Only in our accounts, the following features are additionally included:

Streaming News
Streaming News offers easy-to-access, real-time news stories from major market information sources plus “hot news” that Dow Jones reporters identify as having potential to move markets.

Real-Time NASDAQ Level II Quotes
Track the market in real time and view the level of trading interest in a stock. NASDAQ Level II offers detailed real-time information from market makers and ECNs that can help you track developments in the NASDAQ market.


How to open Thinkorswim account

TD Ameritrade is actively banning Thinkorswim accounts from outside the US. There is a way out however; you can still use Thinkorswim with real-time quotes and on-demand feature even if you are not a US citizen. Head over to RADCHENKOVY.COM

For years now TD Ameritrade has been banning TOS Realtime in many countries, which is why registration of Thinkorswim with real-time quotes has become more problematic. Before, there was Thinkorswim Infinity from pervoclass. That time around you could register by simply providing your email. That way you`d get login and password to a thinkorswim demo account, which had a Realtime mode. Later, TDA got rid of realtime in demo versions, along with that there was a bug for a few month, when you could simply type in your login with a capital letter and the system would let you in Realtime by mistake. Unfortunately, this method is no longer relevant. Thinkorswim fixed that bug and made actual TOS account registration procedure even more complicated. Thus thinkorswim without a delay of 20 minutes isn`t easy to get. To open a realtime account you should know someone in the US who will be willing toopen a live real-time TOS account on their name. They would have to sign all the papers, get through verification and then let you use the account. If this isn`t an option for you, don’t worry. Contact us and we will help you! We get a lot of positive feedback from many users who live outside the US. Many of our clients live in Ukraine, Russian and other countries from where you can`t register in TDA. Our thinkorswim realtime rental service is reliable. Whenever issues appear, they get sorted very quickly through our US partners. When experiencing any type of trouble, you can always count on our help. You`ll be surprised to see how quickly our technical support operates. You can rely on us. We have a lot of people commenting on our YouTube channel so you can check that out and be sure that we keep our word.

If you`re not a US citizen, you can`t open thinkorswim without delay. Also, if you live where you are allowed to register in TD Ameritrade, you`d have to spend a lot of time to do the paperwork. You`ll have to print out a lot of documents, sign them up, send by post and wait for another month or two for verification. And no one guarantees anything. Apart from that, the trouble is that even if you`re lucky to open up an account, half a year later they can close it down as they please because TD Ameritrade has the power to block Thinkorswim accounts without a top up after six month of use. There is a way out however! You can get thinkorswim through us and enjoy Thinkorswim with real-time quotes a few minutes right after you leave a request for Thinkorswim real account registration on our website.


Our clients get quality secure rental service Thinkorswim Live Realtime! Join us!

  • We open realtime US accounts through our US partners. Many of them work for over three years now.
  • We work fast. You get a thinkorswim account the same day. You won`t have to wait for days to get a TOS login and password. We always have a few ready-to-use thinkorswim live accounts.
  • You also get instructions on how to use our service. We offer rapid remote assistance through TeamViewer to those who have problems with our product.
  • What`s convenient is that you can get ThinkOrSwim Live “turnkey” before you pay. This is particularly useful for those who don`t feel comfortable buying things online.
  • One more important thing: all thinkorswim realtime users get a new TOS account for free in case anything happens to TD Ameritrade, which by the way happens very rarely.

How to Use TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim: Basic Overview Tutorial for Beginners

In this video we will tell you how to use Thinkorswim. After watching this video you`ll be able to work with charts and watch lists. You`ll be able to adjust indicators, formulas and scanners. You will be able to find your way around options and analyze various option combinations with Thinkorswim and much more. We`ll also tell you about OnDemand feature, which lets you get back to a specific date and test out your strategies on historic data.

If after watching this video you still have questions about the way Thinkorswim operates and in case you need help with filters, scanners and strategies, don`t hesitate to contact us!

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Attention: this video is in Russian. You can switch subtitles and choose your language. Here is how to do that: Subtitles YouTube

00:46 1 Installation and first launch of the Thinkorswim platform
03:00 2 Setting real-time quotes without delay
04:05 3 Widgets
08:50 4 Options in Thinkorswim
12:06 5 Alerts
13:34 6 Market map
14:51 7 News calendar
16:04 8 Charts
22:09 9 Working with indicators and strategies.
26:30 10 Charts Settings
38:03 11 Charts: Style
40:25 12 Drawings
43:01 13 Charts: Patterns
43:56 14 Flexible Grid
45:34 15 Linking
45:50 16 Shared Items
47:34 17 OnDemand
53:37 18 Setup: Saving Workspace
56:47 19 Setup: Application Settings
58:18 20 WatchList

Filters, scanners and indicators for ThinkOrSwim

We can code any filter, scanner, indicator and strategies for Thinkorswim
Below is the list of the most requested scripts for Thinkorswim

Indicators for Thinkorswim

Draws stock’s data on chart
Allows to quickly see stock’s ATR, average volume and etc.
Show code    Download

Put on background any ticker
In this example SPY chart is overlaid on main chart.
Show code     Download

Draws level of yesterday High, Low, Close, Open and today’s Open on chart
Very convenient, clearly shows the important levels of yesterday.
Show code    Download

FIBO on the last week
Shows Fibonacci levels on chart based on previous week bar.
Show code    Download

Screenshot below shows Fibonacci levels with manual and automatic levels made by the script.

Changes the color of candles to white at a specified time on NY
In this example, it will highlight the first hour from the opening, as well as lunch time and the last hour of the trading session.
Show code    Download

Pattern “Outside Bar”
Shows on the chart with arrows the bars that copied both the high and low of the previous bar.
Show code    Download

Filters for Thinkorswim

Shows IQ of the stocks.
The higher the IQ, the more money it allows you to make!
Show code    Download

Searches base on any levels.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
Show code    Download

Looks for a base at levels of multiple 50 cents.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!!
Show code    Download

Looking for a base, at levels 10-20-30, etc.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
Show code    Download

Pattern “Outside Bar”
Highlights those stocks whose last bar rewrote both the high and low of the previous bar.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
Show code    Download

Shows how much the average volume the stock traded
!Aggregation – Day!
Show code    Download

Shows how many of their ATR today passed the stock
!Aggregation – Day!
Show code    Download

Scanners for Thinkorswim

The scanner searches for bases at any level
Show code    Download

The scanner is looking for stocks with an ATR greater than that specified
!Aggregation – Day!
Show code    Download

The scanner is looking for stocks that have exceeded its ATR for the last X days N times
!Aggregation – DAY!
Show code    Download

The scanner is looking for stocks that went two days one way
!Aggregation – Day!
Show code    Download

The scanner is looking for stocks that went today more than N dollars
Show code    Download

The scanner shows stocks with an average volume of more than V for N days
!Aggregation – Day!
Show code    Download