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ThinkOrSwim Live RealTime instructions

1) Rules for launching and using a Thinkorswim account
2) Multiple input of incorrect login/password may result in blocking. Please do not make multiple attempts (more than 2 times) to enter your username and password. If you are not allowed into the account – write to us!
When copying the login and password, extra spaces and characters may be copied, which will lead to an authorization error and, accordingly, to blocking the account after 3-5 unsuccessful attempts to log in, as well as it will be a violation of the rules of use No. 5!
Here is an example of how this happens
Always after copying the login or password and pasting it into Thinkorswim, check in the text document whether there are any extra characters and spaces! If suddenly, when you try to log in to your account for the second time, you get an authorization error, in no case do not try to log in again, but write to us right away! Please do not bring the account to the block!

3) PC should not go to sleep when ThinkOrSwim is running
4) When working with many software, it is always useful to have backups of your developments, + given that TDA does not want non-US citizens to use their platform. >>Instructions for saving settings<<


5) Please set the RAM parameters >> here <<
-If you have 4 GB RAM, set the min/max value to 512/1536.
-If you have 8 GB RAM, set the min/max value to 1024/3072.
– If you have 16-32 GB of RAM, set the min/max value to 4096/6144

6) By default, TOS is set to update the chart in 3 SECONDS. The developers did it this way for reasons that the PC had less load during calculations. But for many, updating the schedule for 3 seconds is not suitable for their work. Therefore, you can change it.
Please set the “Quote speed” parameter (chart update) to “Real-time (no delay)”. How to do this is shown here

7) Be sure to turn off the firewall and antivirus before entering Thinkorswim, because. from time to time they can block some of the traffic coming to Thinkorswim, which will cause problems with loading charts. Here is a video instruction on how to disable the firewall:


8) When entering, select the “Live Trading” mode and check the “Remember Login ID” box so as not to enter the login every time time. >>Instructions<<

9) Instructions for the Thinkorswim platform

10) If there are Drawings on the charts, here is an instruction on how to remove them

11) If you encounter any problems with logging into Thinkorswim or in its work, immediately let us know about it and we will solve this issue!

How to Use TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim: Basic Overview Tutorial for Beginners

In this video we will tell you how to use Thinkorswim. After watching this video you`ll be able to work with charts and watch lists. You`ll be able to adjust indicators, formulas and scanners. You will be able to find your way around options and analyze various option combinations with Thinkorswim and much more. We`ll also tell you about OnDemand feature, which lets you get back to a specific date and test out your strategies on historic data.

If after watching this video you still have questions about the way Thinkorswim operates and in case you need help with filters, scanners and strategies, don`t hesitate to contact us!

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Attention: this video is in Russian. You can switch subtitles and choose your language. Here is how to do that: Subtitles YouTube

00:46 1 Installation and first launch of the Thinkorswim platform
03:00 2 Setting real-time quotes without delay
04:05 3 Widgets
08:50 4 Options in Thinkorswim
12:06 5 Alerts
13:34 6 Market map
14:51 7 News calendar
16:04 8 Charts
22:09 9 Working with indicators and strategies.
26:30 10 Charts Settings
38:03 11 Charts: Style
40:25 12 Drawings
43:01 13 Charts: Patterns
43:56 14 Flexible Grid
45:34 15 Linking
45:50 16 Shared Items
47:34 17 OnDemand
53:37 18 Setup: Saving Workspace
56:47 19 Setup: Application Settings
58:18 20 WatchList

Filters, scanners and indicators for ThinkOrSwim

We can code any filter, scanner, indicator and strategies for Thinkorswim
Below is the list of the most requested scripts for Thinkorswim

Indicators for Thinkorswim

Draws stock’s data on chart
Allows to quickly see stock’s ATR, average volume and etc.
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Put on background any ticker
In this example SPY chart is overlaid on main chart.
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Draws level of yesterday High, Low, Close, Open and today’s Open on chart
Very convenient, clearly shows the important levels of yesterday.
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FIBO on the last week
Shows Fibonacci levels on chart based on previous week bar.
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Screenshot below shows Fibonacci levels with manual and automatic levels made by the script.

Changes the color of candles to white at a specified time on NY
In this example, it will highlight the first hour from the opening, as well as lunch time and the last hour of the trading session.
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Pattern “Outside Bar”
Shows on the chart with arrows the bars that copied both the high and low of the previous bar.
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Filters for Thinkorswim

Shows IQ of the stocks.
The higher the IQ, the more money it allows you to make!
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Searches base on any levels.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
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Looks for a base at levels of multiple 50 cents.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!!
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Looking for a base, at levels 10-20-30, etc.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
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Pattern “Outside Bar”
Highlights those stocks whose last bar rewrote both the high and low of the previous bar.
Uncheck “Include Extended Session”!
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Shows how much the average volume the stock traded
!Aggregation – Day!
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Shows how many of their ATR today passed the stock
!Aggregation – Day!
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Scanners for Thinkorswim

The scanner searches for bases at any level
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The scanner is looking for stocks with an ATR greater than that specified
!Aggregation – Day!
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The scanner is looking for stocks that have exceeded its ATR for the last X days N times
!Aggregation – DAY!
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The scanner is looking for stocks that went two days one way
!Aggregation – Day!
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The scanner is looking for stocks that went today more than N dollars
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The scanner shows stocks with an average volume of more than V for N days
!Aggregation – Day!
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