Transferring ThinkOrSwim accounts
from TD Ameritrade  to Charles Schwab

Dear friends, ATTENTION!!

Our support team is on pause. We are in search of a SAFE solution for Thinkorswim accounts!
Our safety is of paramount importance to us, yours included, so we would rather lose our business by telling the truth than expose ourselves and you to unreasonable risks! The truth is that there are currently no safe ways to get a Thinkorswim account and be careful with what is currently offered on the internet!
Don’t take risks, the consequences can be very severe!

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Thinkorswim is moving to Schwab!

Charles Schwab is moving the operation of the Thinkorswim platform to its servers with the introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA).
Charles Schwab will be shutting down the old TD Ameritrade servers.
Many accounts on TD Ameritrade servers are already locked!

Should you wait to replace your TD Ameritrade account?

Very soon TD Ameritrade servers will be shut down by Schwab and we are now seeing how aggressively they are moving towards this goal.
At your many requests, we have been spending a great deal of time, effort and money over the past few weeks to prepare warranty replacements for you on the TD Ameritrade servers so that you can use the platform without additional investment until the old servers are finally shut down. We have started registering very large volumes of new accounts at short notice, out of a desire to restore your access to the platform as soon as possible. But considering that ordinary US citizens are already being encouraged to open a Thinkorswim account with Schwab by all means – any account registration with TD Ameritrade is already a “deviant” phenomenon… and even more so in such volumes… as a result, Schwab is suspending most of the open accounts on the old TD Ameritrade servers immediately on the same day. Schwab is not interested in new accounts on TD Ameritrade servers and is getting rid of them in every possible way. And even those accounts that do manage to register, they have no future and will soon be disconnected due to the TD Ameritrade server shutdown.
So unfortunately, as much as we wish otherwise, we have to suspend account registration on TD Ameritrade servers as it no longer makes any sense and only provokes Schwab’s security system to tighten its policy regarding the registration of future accounts on new servers.

This is a force majeure case, and we are forced to remove Simple and VIP tariffs that worked on TD Ameritrade servers, and those of you who have previously registered these tariffs – will be offered to switch to the tariff “Thinkorswim Schwab” or use any of our other services.

When upgrading to the Schwab plan, those with a Simple plan will be credited for the remaining paid subscription period at the time of upgrading to the Thinkorswim Schwab plan and will receive a discount on the amount of the unspent paid period.
VIP plan holders receive a fixed discount of $160.

When and how will it be possible to switch to Schwab fare?

At the moment we have to temporarily pause the registration of Schwab accounts, because the registration methods we have been using for 7 years to create TD Ameritrade accounts no longer work in the new Schwab company.
The first batch of Schwab accounts registered using these methods worked for almost a month. Three weeks after they were registered, when we made sure everything was working, we put them on sale, but a few days later another force majeure event that we never expected came up and almost all Schwab accounts were blocked.

Those methods that work carry huge risks for us and for you when using such services, and therefore such methods of registration are not morally suitable for us or for you.
Moreover, the new version of Thinkorswim, which runs on Schwab servers, has additional protections built into it that can collect information about your PC and real location even with all the protections we used before.

Therefore, at the moment  we are searching for white schemes of Schwab account registration, as well as we need time to figure out what kind of information Thinkorswim started to read from your computer and how to protect yourself and you when using such services. When we find such a way, we will let you know!

We also draw your attention to the fact that in the network besides us there are companies engaged in the registration of such accounts, but we strongly advise against using such services now, because it is not known what ways they do them and what risk they expose themselves and their clients. Therefore, be extremely careful!

We continue to do our best to find methods that will allow us and you to continue using Thinkorswim safely. But you should realize that this will take time, and probably not even one month. Therefore, we have to pause with Thinkorswim and offer you to switch temporarily to TradingView,  and wait for our announcement about the resumption of the service.

If you need help paying for a subscription to TradingView, I am here to help!

Risk Warning!

We remind you that before using our services, you should read our offer of 11.11.2016, under which we have been operating for 7 years. We remind you of all possible risks that any new force majeure event may occur in the future, as we do not know Schwab’s plans. We are just doing our job, doing our best to make sure you can use Thinkorswim Realtime, working honestly and openly, not hiding behind nicknames and impersonal sites, and we want you to know what you are getting into. When renewing your subscription or switching to Schwab, you should realize that the possibility of force majeure, which may become final one day, has not been canceled. Therefore, I ask you once again to remember the terms and conditions of our services described in the offer on my website (see paragraphs 4.4 and 5.9 of the offer in the mandatory order). If you do not agree with any of the clauses of this offer, please do not submit new applications for subscription to Thinkoswim.

Friends, but there is also good news!

Customers from Germany, Israel and several other countries can now open accounts for themselves.
This is a plus for the new Schwab company, as this was not possible with TD Ameritrade.
And in this case there is no risk for you as you open an account in your own name!
You can check the availability of registration in your country at this link:

Attention!!! In case of force majeure, namely, if TDAmeritrade and Thinkorswim company closes, goes bankrupt, stops accepting new customers, massively blocks / disables access to accounts, enables subscription fees for Realtime quotes, or changes its policy in such a way that we will not be able to open new accounts in any further way, then all guarantees and obligations will be removed from us and no refund will be made! By making a new subscription or renewing the current subscription, you agree to the above, as well as accept our public offer agreement and waive any claims against our company in the event of force majeure.

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